Wacker presents anti-graffiti coatings and silicones during Coatings for Africa Show 2018

wakkerWacker’s anti-graffiti coating aims to provide a fast, cost-effective means of protection. (Image source: Wacker Chemie AG)At Coatings for Africa Show 2018, in South Africa from 29-31 May 2018, Wacker, the Munich-based chemical company, has highlighted two anti-graffiti coatings and silicones such as SILRES® BS 6920 and SILRES® BS 710 for easy-to-clean applications

According to the company, even stickers, posters or signs that have been pasted onto walls can easily be removed with these products.

Wacker also has presented several silicone products and solutions at this year’s tradeshow. “South Africa is a sophisticated and growing market for paints and coating applications. We are working closely with our customers to develop improved formulations and to offer customised solutions in this evolving region,” said Dr Sascha Klengel, regional business manager for Wacker Silicones in the Middle East and Africa.

One of the highlights at this year‘s coatings show is SILRES® BS 6920. The alpha-silane-terminated polyether cures on contact with moisture and has a very low viscosity. As a result, the binder penetrates deep into the pores of a cement-bound floor, filling the pores completely and forming a thin, shiny film on the surface. After the binder has cured, fluids containing water or oil are unable to enter the pores. The new binder, therefore, offers highly effective stain protection. Even substances that are left on the surface for some time – red wine, cola, coffee, mustard, ketchup and engine oil stains or tire marks – can be removed without any lasting stains.

“Impregnating agents based on SILRES® BS 6920 are usually applied twice. The first coat strengthens the floor, the second produces a homogeneous surface that increases scratch and scrubs resistance and makes the floor polishable. To accelerate curing, SILRES® BS 6920 is usually formulated with an amino functional silane that also ensures good adhesion to cement-bound substrates,” said the company.

Wacker has also presented its new anti-graffiti concentrate SILRES® BS 710. The one-part silicone rubber formulation aims to cure to form a silicone elastomer at room temperature and upon exposure to moisture. The difference between SILRES® BS 710 and traditional silicone-based anti-graffiti coating compounds is its unique formulation concept, which aims to eliminate the need for tin catalysts and oxime crosslinkers.

Coating materials made from SILRES® BS 710 can be sprayed onto surfaces or applied with a roller or brush. A single treatment is generally enough. Surfaces will be reliably protected from graffiti and posters after a curing time of one day. Furthermore, the silicone film is permeable to water vapour.

“Graffiti can be easily removed from the surface, and stickers, posters or signs either fall off on their own or can be peeled off effortlessly,” noted the company.

Typical applications of SILRES® BS 710 include anti-graffiti and poster release coatings for residential areas, schools, pedestrian underpasses, parking garages, train stations, freeway bridges and noise barriers.

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